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Juices, Smoothies,

Salads and Snacks

PLANT-BASED Food + drink


Bangor, ME


(207) 433-7646


76 Main Street
Bangor, Maine 04401

- Next to the Discovery Museum


Mon-Sat 7am–4pm
Sun Closed

The Bangor location has made-to-order salads, expanded food options and a special kid's menu in a comfortable café setting.



Belfast, ME


(207) 266-3656


9 Beaver Street, Ste D
Belfast, Maine 04915

- In the Opera House Courtyard


Sorry, closed for winter break through March 9.

The Belfast location is primarily a take-out juice, smoothie and snack bar with a few indoor and outdoor seating options.

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all Drinks come in
two sizes:

12oz and 16oz


+ This menu available at the Bangor location only


Cleanse Packages

$45/day, includes:
5 cold-pressed juices, 
1 almond milk and 
1 raw/vegan snack

Order by Thursday for Tuesday pick-up.


I believe every person, every thing, has a narrative. At the beginning of each story is a seed. My story starts just the same as a farmer starts each season: with the planting of a seed.

My family’s history in food is rich. From my great grandfather's produce stand in downtown Bangor to the grocery stores and restaurants owned by my grandparents and parents throughout my childhood, I've always feel at home inside a kitchen.

When my mother, Betsy, contracted a rare form of brain cancer, I began studying how food affects us and everything kept pointing back to a mostly raw, plant based diet. Could this have helped my mother? Unfortunately I didn’t get the chance to find out as she passed away in 2006 at 52 years old. After she passed, I felt compelled to keep researching.

I wanted to put into practice all I had been learning, so in the fall of 2012 I undertook a 30-day juice fast to see how it affected my emotional state, chronic debilitating headaches, and the weight I had put on over the years. My emotional well-being improved dramatically and, after shedding 28 pounds and the headaches, I knew I had to share this success with others.

                             Owner, Chris Roberts

                             Owner, Chris Roberts

In the spring of 2013, I opened The Juice Cellar in Belfast, a small juice and smoothie take-out bar that also features great raw snacks, and house-made vegan cheeses.  From the beginning, I had my sights set on opening a second location in my hometown of Bangor. That dream was realized in January 2015, when the doors opened to our downtown location, a quick-service café with made-to-order salads, gluten-free baked goods and more. 

Our success is thanks to you joining us on this journey into wellness!